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Introducing for 2006

Wood Smoke Cowboy
2000 Black Tobiano Stallion
Just Up In Smoke  X   Ima Scootn Cowgirl


"Woody is a 6 year old stallion standing 15.3 and weighing in at 1450 lbs. We have big dreams for Woody and though we are not standing him to the public, we are VERY excited about his future show career! He is extremely gentle and has passed that on to his first foal crop as well as very correct conformation! He will be competing in a wide variety of working cow horse events, while focusing primarily on heading. Watch for Woody in the show arena in the near future!



Pedigree of  Wood Smoke Cowboy APHA #621269

Just Up In Smoke
Black Tobiano

Smokey Commander
Black AQHA

Smoky Music Bar
Grullo AQHA

Tuny McCue

Miss Nan 2

Cupie's Fiesty

Roan Coke

Cupie Lass

Nose Spot Dancer
Black Tobiano

Coaster's Cowboy
Chestnut Tobiano

Smooth Coaster

Painted Joe Doll

Yuma Taylor

Bar Hilltop

Lady Elsie

Ima Scootn Cowgirl

Black Solid

I'll Do

Black Tobiano

Scootin Spook
Bay Tobiano

Tinky's Spook

Snippers Buttons

Guess Isle Go
Black AQHA

Isle Go

Rite A Mount

Cuttin Up
Black Tobiano

Sue's Diamond King
Bay Tobiano

Mesco Bar

Badger's Mary

Black Gold Wess Black AQHA

Swenson's Hollywood

Joetta Tyde


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